Engineering Maintenance Catalogue

The pages of the Engineering Maintenance Catalogue are made up of a series of PDF files, displayed here under a series of different sections, each containing a number of documents. You may need to install a PDF file viewer to open the documents – Adobe Acrobat is available here:

APV Homogenisers Introduction to APV Homogenisers
APV K-series Homogenisers
APV MC-series Homogenisers
APV Pumps Introduction to APV Pumps
Puma Pump series III
Puma Pump series IV
Puma Pump series V & VI
W+ Pump
WA+ Pump
ZMS Pump series 3 & 4
ZMS Pump series 5 & 6
ZMB Pump
TPM+ 1 & 2 Pump
APV Valves Introduction to APV Valves
Butterfly Delta SV1 & SVS1F
Single Seal Change Over Zephyr series 3
Single Seal Change Over Zephyr series 4
Single Seal Change Over VPS-ISO
Single Seal Change Over Delta SW4
Asceptic Single Seat Delta M4 MP4 & MES4
Double Seat Delta DE3
Double Seat Delta DA3
Double Seat Delta DKR2
Double Seat Delta CU
Safe Flow Delta SD4
Regulating Delta RGE4 MFS & MFH
Pressure Relief Delta UF3(A) & UFR3(A)
Non-Return Delta RUF3
Non-Return VPN II-ISO II-DIN & II-3A
Fristam Pumps Introduction to Fristam Pumps
Centrifugal FP
Centrifugal FPE
Self-Priming Centrifugal type FZ
General Heat Exchangers Introduction to Heat Exchangers
Plate Heat Exchanger Manual Frame
Gaskets for Clip 6 8 & 10 (TetraPlex)
Ring Gaskets for RC-frame only
Gaskets for H7 and H10
Gaskets for M6-M/MD
Gaskets for M10-M
General Lubricants Spill Containment
Poly Drum Tray
Polythene Sump Pallets
DC Storage Range
General Pipes & Fittings Introduction to Pipes & Fittings
RJT Union Parts
IDF Union Parts
SMS Union Parts
Sanitary Fittings
Hayward Tyler Hygienic Side Entry Mixers Hayward Tyler Hygienic Side Entry Mixers
Niro Soavi Homogenisers Niro Soavi Homogenisers
Realm Valves Introduction to Realm Valves
Monarch Single Seal valves
Monarch Double & Mixproof valves
Butterfly valves
Pressure Relief valves
DSV Mixproof Butterfly valves
Non-Return valves
Spares: Seals & Bearings
Spares: Double Seat Routing Valves
Spares: Seat Pulsing Valves
Shell Lubricants Introduction to Shell Lubricants
Cassida Lubricants
Rimula X Oils
Omala Oils
Tellus & Spirax Oils
Corena Oils
Clavus & Donax TA Oils
Adrana Fluid E203 & E402
Adrana E4550 / Sitala D5401 / Metalina D203 Comparison
Tonna & Ensis Oils
Dromus B-UK & Sitala CE201 Oils
Albida / Alvania / Multiservice EP Grease
Shell Oil Safe System
MWS Additive SC5201 / Antifreeze / Emergency Spill Kit
Tetra Pak Pumps Introduction to Tetra Pak Pumps
Centrifugal ALC-1
Centrifugal ALC-2
Centrifugal ALC-3
Centrifugal GM-A
Centrifugal FM-0
Centrifugal FM-1A & FM-2A
Centrifugal FM-3A & FM-4A
Centrifugal LKH-5 & LKH-10
Centrifugal LKH-15 & LKH-20
Centrifugal LKH-25 & LKH-30
Centrifugal LKH-35 & LKH-40
Centrifugal LKH-45 & LKH-50
Centrifugal LKH-60 & LKH 5-60
Centrifugal LKH-70 & LKH-80
Multi-Stage Centrifugal LKH-112
Multi-Stage Centrifugal LKH-113
Multi-Stage Centrifugal LKH-114
Liquid Ring MR-166B
Liquid Ring MR-185A & MR-200A
Liquid Ring MR-185S & MR-200S
Liquid Ring MR-260A & MR-300
Tetra Pak Valves Introduction to Tetra Pak Valves
SRC Valves
ARC Valves
SMP-EC Valves
SMP-SC Valves
LKB Valves
CPMI-2 & CPMO-2 Valves
CPM-ID60 Valves
SPC-2 Valves
SPC-P & SPC-L Valves
LKLA Valves
LKLA-T Valves
LKC-2 Valves
UltraFilter Filtration Introduction to Ultrafilter Filtration
Types of Adapters
Ultramesh P-SM Filter
Ultrapolyplea P-PP Filter
Ultrapolyplea P-PP100 Filter
Ultrabev P-PF-PES Filter
Ultrapolymem P-PF-PP Filter
Ultrateflomem P-PF-PT Filter
Ultradepth II P-SRF Filter
Ultradepth II P-BE Filter
Ultrex P-GS Filter
P-EG Stainless Steel Housing
PG-EG Stainless Steel Housing
PF-EG Stainless Steel Housing
P-BE Stainless Steel & P-KG Plastic Housing
P-SLF-Box Sterile Air Technology
UniChain Conveyors Introduction to UniChain Conveyors
Conveyor Components
Flexible Roller Modules
Split Shafting Collars
Support Bases
Side Guide Brackets
Quick Release Adjustable Heads
Drive Sprockets
Split & Standard Idler Wheels