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Changeparts for Bottle Handling Equipment

Changeparts in actionSince Swiftparts joined forces with Moody Direct, we are now able to provide complete peace of mind from the moment you pick up the phone for a quotation to the first bottles running through your new set of changeparts.

Our years of experience manufacturing changeparts means that in most cases, we can give you a budget quotation immediately.

Our experienced engineers can visit to discuss your requirements, take detailed measurements of your equipment, and once your parts are manufactured, they will deliver, fit and commission your changeparts.

Feedworm ChangepartsFeedworm Changeparts

Our experienced team design and manufacture changeparts for all rinsing, filling, capping and labeling machines. All parts are manufactured to the highest degree of excellence and accuracy, including all metalwork and feedworm fittings.

Our changeparts are manufactured in Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWP) which can be supplied in a variety of colours, and all our feedworms are produced on purpose built NC machines using a dedicated program written especially for us, allowing us to manufacture feedworms with true acceleration, giving smoother container handling.

Download our Changeparts brochure.

Inverters and Feeder Units


InverterThe Inverter is a most significant contribution to the improved handling of bottles, cans, cartons, tins and many other articles in high volume production in all parts of the industrial world.

Its design concept and its practical application are so simple and logical that any production process which needs the products normal upright position to the changed can now be integrated with a smooth continuous flow.

Palletising, de-palletising, washing, rinsing, draining, drying, air-jetting, inspection, mixing, coding and labeling are just some of the operations in which the inverter can be used in the bottling and packaging fields. These, and many other processes in other industries can be added to the scope of this very simple and efficient product.

The inverter can be designed to give any change of position from upright to inverted (and vice versa) and any intermediate angle the process may need and can give any required sequence of position changes.

There is no practical limit to the size, shape and nature of articles which can be handled. Any component which is already in high volume production is a likely candidate for improved efficiency with the Inverter in the production line. The range of applications throughout all industries is almost infinite.

Feeder Units

Feeder UnitThe feeder unit was originally designed to help accommodate customers who could not create enough line pressure with their conveyor system to feed containers through the inverter. Since then it has been used by numerous customers for a whole host of different applications. The feeder unit has been used as a transfer system over crossovers and dead plates.

Containers can be transported across gaps in conveyors with no rotational motion from the container, allowing them to be date coded or barcoded with an ink-jet system onto the container base.

The feeder unit is attached to the side of an existing conveyor and is fully adjustable in and out. The unit can be supplied with variable speed drive and remote switching to stop and start pro rata line requirements. As with the changeparts, our engineers are available to deliver, fit and commission your inverter and feeder unit if required.

Download our Changeparts brochure.