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Holding Time Verification

Holding time verification is a method of testing used to ensure your pasteuriser is holding your product at the correct temperature for the correct duration. This is required to ensure product quality and safety.

This test is a non-intrusive thermal method that monitors temperature increases from the beginning to the end of the holding tube. Measuring the difference between these two critical points will establish that the heat exchanger within your pasteuriser is functioning accurately. The test is carried out during production, removing any downtime.

Pasteurisation Holding Times

Pasteurisation is the process of heating up your product to a recognised standard to kill all harmful micro-organisms. The product will then be cooled again. The correct combination of time and temperature will verify that your product’s taste, appearance, and nutritional value are not changed.

As incorrect pasteurisation can alter your product substantially, it is critical to establish holding time verification into your maintenance and preventative maintenance plans.

Your Responsibility

It has become more and more crucial within the food and beverage industries to ensure your product meets all relevant health and safety regulations. Public health scares and product recalls are more and more common and can cause serious problems for manufacturers.

Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure your pasteuriser is performing correctly. However, we can make the process as straightforward as possible.

Pasteuriser Moody Direct - inside

Your Pasteuriser Test

Following the holding time test, we are able to offer a number of solutions if your pasteuriser isn’t operating correctly. Our experienced service engineers will attempt to provide an on-site solution with minimal disruption. If this isn’t possible, we can offer maintenance, refurbishment or replacement solutions depending on the cause of the failed verification.

Holding time verification is one of many testing and inspection services we provide. Find out more about our range of testing capabilities.