Refurbished Equipment

Our refurbishment centre has been refurbishing process equipment for over 40 years. A refurbished component or machine can benefits from a prolonged life cycle that maximises the efficiency of your process at a significantly lower cost than replacing with new. You can also rest assured the highest quality final product as all removable parts replaced are from leading manufacturers.

Equipment includes
Pumps, Valves, Heat Exchangers, Homogenisers, Separators, Fillers.


Refurbished Centrifugal Pumps


Refurbished Pumps

To discuss you individual refurbishment requirements, get in touch on 01777 712133 or email

Current Stock of Refurbished Equipment

We also stock a range of refurbished components to provide an affordable alternative to completely replacing components. Our current stock includes:

  • 3″ Type D GEA Mixproof Valve
  • 2″ Type D GEA Mixproof Valve
  • 1.1/2″ Type X GEA Mixproof Valve
  • 1.1/2″/2″ Realm Mixproof Valve
  • 3″ Realm Mixproof Valve
  • 9″ Centrifugal Puma Pump

Please get in touch on 01777 701141 or to request a quote on any of these components.