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Separator Servicing

Our dedicated service engineers have many years of experience within a multitude of disciplines. One such discipline is our ability to maintain, service and repair centrifugal separators.

As a leading UK provider of spare parts and components from all major OEM’s including Alfa Laval, GEA, SPX Flow and Tetra Pak, you can rest assured we’ll be able to secure the correct replacement parts. Our relationships with these major manufacturers, built over 45 years, has enabled us to ensure our engineers are sufficiently trained to service their equipment.

SPX Flow Seital Centrifuge Direct Drive Beer Clarifier

Minor Separator Service

During a minor service, our engineers will provide the following separator maintenance:
  • Disassembly of the bowl, replace all elastomers and examine all bowl parts for wear
  • Report on damaged or worn parts
  • Report on condition of bowl
  • Inspect and report on condition of gearing
  • Re-assemble and test run the machine
  • Record vibration levels


Major Separator Service

When our engineers visit your site to perform a major service, it will include all of the above minor service maintenance, plus:

  • Full disassembly of machine and drive parts
  • Replacement of all elastomers
  • Renewal of all bearings
  • Replace brake pads
  • Comprehensive clearance and wear checks

Regular servicing and maintenance can help prevent unforeseen breakdowns and in turn, downtime. Our service team carry out detailed service reports to be referred back to and see any issues that may arise. For example over time your separator’s vibration may slowly increase, which points to various parts needing to be replaced. Not only do these reports provide a service history to be utilised by site engineers when encountering any issues/breakdowns, but can be essential to incorporate into your predictive maintenance schedule.


SPX FLOW Certified Service & Repair Centre (CSRC)

We are an SPX FLOW Certified Service & Repair Centre (CSRC) in the UK. This accreditation recognises our expertise.

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Emergency Call Out

Here at Moody Direct, we pride ourselves in supporting our customers in emergencies. The last thing you want is production downtime due to an unforeseen breakdown such as blocked disc stacks or vibration issues caused by shaft/bearing wear.

You can call 0345 216 0171 24/7 to arrange for an engineer on site.

To discuss your individual service requirements, get in touch with Lara Duncan on 01777 712111 or email lara.duncan@moodydirect.com.