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Packaging Projects

Following the processing of your raw product, you'll require packaging to create the end-product. We can find the right packaging solution for your production. Whether that's the integration of a refurbished filler to your current process or a complete filling and packaging line.

Our packaging engineering project capabilities include:

Bottle Fillers

We can source the right filler for your application, whether that be a new model from one of our trusted manufacturers or a refurbished unit reliably sourced.

Moody Projects Liquid Filler

Moody Projects Milk bottle debagger


We can provide both manual and automatic debaggers to ensure your containers packaging is easily and conveniently removed ready for filling.

Elevators / Lowerators

We can install elevators and lowerators to ensure that your production line will fit within your facility optimally.

Moody Projects Lowerator

Bulk Cap Elevators

Rotary Pack Off Tables

Bottle Turning Systems

Bottle & Cap Inspection / Rejecti0n Systems

Shrink Wrappers

Package Chillers