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Moody Integrity Testing

Moody Direct are a leading provider of service and maintenance to the process industry in the UK and Ireland. We offer a range of on-site, non-destructive equipment testing solutions nationwide.

Our expert team of service engineers have been carrying out integrity testing alongside regular servicing for many years. This gives them the knowledge and skills required to maintain your plant.

Health and safety are of the utmost importance during every visit. We always maintain the highest safety standards whilst working in and around your vessels and equipment. Our NDT technicians are confined entry and first aid trained.

The Importance of Regular Integrity Testing

Firstly, testing is crucial for reducing the risk of product contamination. It is critical within the food, dairy, and beverage industries to regularly test and inspect their equipment. With increased focus on these industries to adopt the highest hygiene standards, manufacturers cannot afford to overlook integrity testing.

Importantly, pasteuriser holding time checks verify that pasteurisation is being carried out correctly and killing harmful bacteria.

Secondly, regular equipment testing can maintain your product's consistency and quality. Drops in temperature, cracks, or defects can all attribute to decreased product quality.

Finally, production downtime can be reduced through regular testing. Finding faults with your equipment before they cause a breakdown can save costs significantly. More so when incorporated within a preventative maintenance plan.

Tank testing confined trained

Our Service Centre

Moody Direct's integrity testing teams have a wealth of experience in equipment testing for heat exchangers, pasteurisers, silos, tanks, and spray dryers.

We have multiple service and maintenance options. Firstly, you can arrange a stand-alone testing visit. Secondly, you can include it in a scheduled maintenance visit. Or finally, we can also include it as part of a complete service and maintenance contract.

Moody PHE Refurb Shop - Web

Following unsatisfactory on-site testing, the next steps will be discussed to find a solution. If a solution can not be found on-site, we can ship to our state-of-the-art refurbishment centre, based in Retford, Nottinghamshire. Here we can test, decommission and recondition plate heat exchangers. Our workshop is also used to refurbish most liquid process equipment from pumps to fillers.

We are authorised distributors for many of the large original equipment manufacturers, such as Alfa Laval, GEA, SPX FLOW and Tetra Pak. If your equipment is unsuitable for refurbishment, we will be able to support you with a new machine.

Our range of on-site, non-destructive equipment integrity testing includes:

We are also able to test welds repairs, patches, banding and more. The NDT Liquid Penetrant Inspection and Visual Inspections that we use for our tank testing, can also be utilised on other equipment.

We work closely with customers to make sure that contamination and equipment failure is avoided and devise production equipment testing programs that cater specifically to your operational needs. We carry out work with minimal disruption and downtime to guarantee the consistent and reliable operation of your production facility.

Whilst we can provide these services across the entire UK, as we have engineers based nationwide, our South West Division have a number of expertly trained technicians.