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Plant & Equipment Servicing

Moody Direct can provide a range of service and maintenance options from full service agreements to emergency maintenance for all your process plant and equipment. We are specialists in the maintenance of homogenisers, fillers, CIP sets, product routing, pasteurisers, heat exchangers and separators.

As well as the below service programmes, we also provide plate heat exchanger refurbishment, shutdown maintenance, rapid breakdown service, commissioning, workshop rebuilds, valve and pump exchange and process spare parts.

Planned Service/Maintenance Agreements

Reduce downtime and save money on the bottom line by keeping your processing equipment in top condition. We offer you a complete range of service agreements, from Basic Mechanical Service to Specialist Planned Maintenance programmes, for all your plant and equipment.

Valve Service

On-Demand/Ad-Hoc Service/Maintenance

On-Demand/Ad-Hoc Maintenance covers a range of services over and above the service you would expect from your service provider. As an example, we can provide maintenance engineers to cover for long-term sickness, during major installations, shutdown periods or holidays. We can compliment your workforce when you are under pressure.

Homogeniser Service

Emergency 24/7 Service/Maintenance

We provide a Rapid Breakdown Service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Even the best kept plans fail at time, and it is never a convenient time when it does happen. Our engineers are multi-skilled, and each one of them is a specialist within a chosen field. This gives us the possibility of providing you with the right kind of service at the right time.

Moody Direct Service Team

Plant Serviced

  • Homogenisers
    We are experts in the service and maintenance of homogenisers, supporting APV MC-series and K-series, APV Rannie, Niro Soavi, Alfa Laval SHL and Alex machines, and all other makes of homogenisers.
  • Fillers
    From minor service to major overhaul on any fillers, Moody Direct Spares & Service provide specialist maintenance and servicing. We support Fogg, Federal, Dawson, Filmatic, and all other makes of gravity fillers.
  • CIP Sets
    For optimum performance and to clean effectively every time, Moody Direct Spares & Service offer a CIP Health Check complete with certificate. We ensure your CIP system operates with the correct dosing and with correct timing.
  • Product Routing
    As part of your Planned Preventative Maintenance schedule, in order to prevent contamination between CIP and product.
  • Pasteurisers
    Our Pasteuriser Health Check comes complete with certificate and includes the options of calibration and holding time tests, re-gasketing, changing plates, pressure testing, and dye/crack testing.
  • Heat Exchangers
    Our heat exchanger refurbishment facility is capable of refurbishing all types of plate heat exchangers.
  • Separators
    Our engineers cover all separators including the OEM brands of Alfa Laval, SPX Flow Seital and Westfalia, and our workshop offers overhaul and refurbishment facilities.
  • Instrument Calibration
    Our engineers can calibrate a range of instruments.
  • Valve Maintenance
    Our service team are able to perform valve maintenance individually, as part of another servicing or arrange and facilitate valve maintenance on a large scale during a scheduled shut down.

Integrity Testing

We provide a comprehensive range of testing solutions for your process equipment. Ensuring your equipment is operating efficiently will reduce costs, downtime and most importantly, improve product quality and limit contamination risks.


We have a number of certifications required to operate on our customer sites. This includes safe contractor approved, BVQI 9001 2008 accreditation, confined space trained and IOSH SPA passport accreditation. We’re proud to be officially recognized as a UK SPX Flow Certified Service & Repair Centre.


Customer Feedback

Freshways logoFreshways Dairy have experienced exceptional growth within our business over the past 15 years. We have worked closely with Moodys throughout them years. When it come to servicing our equipment, we have found Moodys to have a good solid team of engineers that have good product knowledge.

We have also seen the spares team develop into a valuable tool for us. This relationship was influential when we took the decision to upgrade to a brand new Fogg Filler in 2013 and again in 2016. When it comes projects we have also turned to Moodys for support. In 2015 we upgraded one of are debaggers with a machine designed, built and installed by Moody Projects.

Engineering Manager at Freshways Dairy

Phil Jones
Service Manager
Call: 07977 559 585
Email: phil.jones@moodydirect.com
Patrick Clayton
Service Manager
Call: 01777 712138
Email: patrick.clayton@moodydirect.com
Andy Russell - Service Manager at Moody Direct LtdAndy Russell
Valve Service Manager
Call: 07912 097 641
Email: andy.russell@moodydirect.com