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Meet The Team

At Moody Direct we are proud to employ over 80 of the industry's most enthusiastic individuals. We are passionate about who we are and what we do so if you need anything, just get in touch with one of our teams.

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Internal Sales Team

If you need to place an order, check a part number or stock, our Internal Sales Team will be able to help you.

Jamie Wetherill
Internal Sales Manager

Call: 01777 712101
Email: jamie.wetherill@moodydirect.com

Sharon Thackham
Senior Sales Coordinator

Call: 01777 712123
Email: sharon.thackham@moodydirect.com

Sam Stringfellow
Sales Administrator

Call: 01777 712115
Email: sam.stringfello@moodydirect.com

Tim Graff
Southern Area Sales Manager - Parts & Components

Call: 07815 586999
Email: tim.graff@moodydirect.com

Annie Lees - Sales Admin Moody Direct

Annie Lees
Sales Administrator

Call: 01777 712125
Email: annie.lees@moodydirect.com

External Sales Team

If you would like us to drop in for a site visit and evaluate what we can do for you, our External Sales Team will be able to help you.

Darren Spooner
External Sales Manager

Call: 07970 416 420
Email: darren.spooner@moodydirect.com

Steve Henshall

Steve Henshall
Sales Manager - Alfred & Co

Call: 07980 832 642
Email: steve.henshall@moodydirect.com

Plate Heat Exchanger & Integrity Testing Team

If you would like us to drop in for a site visit and evaluate your PHE needs, whether that be sales, service or refurbishment, our Plate Heat Exchanger Team will be able to help you.

Sheldon Van Zyl
Heat Transfer Division Manager

Call: 07525 733 120
Email: sheldon.vanzyl@moodydirect.com

Dean Evans
PHE Service Manager

Call: 01777 712110 / 07814 612 962
Email: dean.evans@moodydirect.com

Jamie Proctor
Sales Manager - South UK

Call: 07966 331409
Email: jamie.proctor@moodydirect.com

Lisa Radford
PHE Administrator

Call: 01777 712113
Email: lisa.radford@moodydirect.com

Nicola Howley
PHE Administrator

Call: 01777 712119
Email: nicola.howley@moodydirect.com

Service & Calibration Team

If you require emergency maintenance, a quote for adhoc work or if you would like to discuss a full service agreement, our experienced Service Team will be able to help you.

Phil Jones
Service Manager

Call: 07977 559 585
Email: phil.jones@moodydirect.com

Pete Morris

Pete Morris
Sales Account Manager

Call: 07940 531 426
Email: pete.morris@moodydirect.com

Patrick Clayton
Service Manager

Call: 01777 712138
Email: patrick.clayton@moodydirect.com

Lara Duncan
Service Office Supervisor

Call: 01777 712111
Email: lara.duncan@moodydirect.com

Andy Russell
Valve Service Manager

Call: 07912 097 641
Email: andy.russell@moodydirect.com

Tracy Clewes
Service Administrator

Call: 01777 712129
Email: tracy.clewes@moodydirect.com

Rachael Thorne
Service Administrator

Call: 01777 712141
Email: rachael.thorne@moodydirect.com

Eve Rowland

Eve Rowland
Service Administrator

Call: 01777 712106
Email: eve.rowland@moodydirect.com

Projects Team

If you would like to discuss your requirements for a liquid processing, conveyor or hygienic pipework installation, our Projects Team will be able to help you.

Nick Paul - Projects Division Manager

Nick Paul
Projects Division Manager / Seital Enquiries

Call: 01777 712122
Email: nick.paul@moodydirect.com

John Moore
Project Commissioning Engineer

Call: 07976 384 610
Email: john.moore@moodydirect.com

Alison Chapman
Projects Administrator

Call: 01777 712127
Email: alison.chapman@moodydirect.com