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GEA Homogenisation, formerly Niro Soavi

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Moody Direct is an authorised dealer for GEA Homogenisation, formerly known as Niro Soavi homogenisers in the UK.

We offer our customers a complete package including new machines, spare parts, and fully trained service engineers for the maintenance, installation and commissioning of the GEA range of homogenisers.

Established in 1947 and part of the GEA Group, GEA Homogenisation (Niro Soavi) is the global technology and market leader for high-pressure homogenisers.

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GEA offer a wide range of homogenisers from laboratory scale through to high capacity production equipment for the dairy, food, beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries, and lead the way in the design of innovative energy efficient and cost-effective machines.

GEA Homogenisation (Niro Soavi) provides leading technology with the widest range of machines, available in three homogeniser series for any needed performance and application including industrial machines of Ariete series up to 1,500 bar, One series for any products up to 250 bar, and Laboratory homogenisers.



GEA Homogenisation (Niro Soavi) Ariete Series Homogenisers

Ariete Homogenizer 5200

The Ariete series is the state-of-the-art technology for reliable high-pressure machines and customized solutions.

Each homogeniser is designed according to the EU safety rules (CE standards) and in compliance with other relevant industry standards.

The machines are engineered, manufactured and tested according to EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality System, and can be used in dairy, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical and cosmetics industries.

Easily implementable in remote controlled systems and complete process lines, they are available in sanitary and aseptic execution.

Designed for CIP and SIP, the Ariete series is suitable for abrasive and viscous products. The homogenizing pressure can reach 1500 bar depending on specific liquid end design and configuration.

Each machine is internal manufacturing of all core components, for total quality control and in order to guarantee a high number of customized solutions and full traceability of parts, using the best materials and premium brand components. For more information about the Ariete Series Homogenisers, download the brochure here.

GEA Homogenisation (Niro Soavi) One Series Homogenisers

GEA Niro Soavi One 15TS homogeniser

The 3-piston homogenisers from the One TS range are leaders for quality and performance, with top sanitary features.

Designed and constructed to ensure flexibility and ease of installation and maintenance, these machines can be easily integrated into small systems. No compromise on quality: One TS is the modern answer to market demands, designed to give you everything you need and nothing more.

One TS is an ideal homogeniser for dairy products and beverages, such as pasteurized flavoured milk, cream, milk for yogurt and cheese, yogurt drinks, dressings, bases for ice cream and for other products like fruit juice, soya milk and drinks.

The high-efficiency, abrasion-resistant homogenizing valve guarantees correct micronization for excellent quality and long shelf-life. One is a complete range of models for working pressures up to 250 bar.

For more information about the One Series Homogenisers, download the brochure here.

GEA Homogenisation (Niro Soavi) Laboratory Homogenisers

GEA Niro Soavi TwinPanda 400 homogeniser

A wide range of laboratory homogenisers is ideal for the treatment of nanoparticles, nanodispersions, nanoemulsions, and cell disruption, and it can be used successfully for processing milk and dairy products, fruit juices, and food in general.

Laboratory scale and pilot scale can operate from 0 to 1,500 bar, even with limited sample volumes, and achieves the same results as bigger size machines.

This is how the shift from lab testing to industrial production gets easier, with the guarantee of total scalability of results.

For more information about the Lab Homogenisers, download the brochure here.

GEA Service Provider

As well as a GEA Homogenisation Authorised UK Dealer, we’re also their Authorised UK Service Provider. Our accredited Service & Repair Centre are able to provide complete equipment overhaul, repair and refurbishment with genuine spare parts.

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Or get in touch with our homogeniser expert, Pete Morris, on 07940 531 426 or email pete.morris@moodydirect.com.