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Tank Components

Moody Direct offer a variety of tank mixing and cleaning equipment to support your process. Our projects team can also support you with new and refurbished tanks or vessels individually or part of a complete solution.

Tank Mixing


Alfa Laval agitators have a flexible, modular design and enable you to tailor a mixing solution to your exact requirements. The agitator range includes top-mounted units, with or without bottom support, as well as bottom or side-mounted units. Modularity lend itself to ease of installation and maintenance, and superior design ensures quality, performance and economy. The purpose-built agitators have impellers that promote optimal flow. The range of Alfa Laval Tank Agitators that we can supply include:


Rotary Jet Mixers

Alfa Laval iso-Mix rotary jet mixers are based on a revolutionary patented technology that mixes liquids faster and more effectively than conventional methods, while minimizing energy consumption. It also handles gas and powder dispersion, and can even be used to clean the tank. There are many possible applications, with principle industries including brewing, soft drink production and biopharm. The range of Alfa Laval Tank Rotary Jet Mixers that we can supply include:

GEA Orbital cleaners work on the basis of two rotating axes, one horizontal and one vertical. The special characteristics of this type of cleaner are the round-jet nozzles that rotate in two planes and produce highly focused high impact jets for intensive cleaning of the inside surfaces of tanks or vessels. The range of GEA Orbital Cleaners that we can supply include:


Tank Cleaning Equipment

Rotary Jet Heads

Alfa Laval Toftejorg Rotary Jet Heads: The high-impact jet stream from a rotary jet head is widely used in tough and difficult to clean applications. With its pre-programmed cleaning pattern, designed for each application, this dynamic device ensures a reliable result even under challenging conditions. The range of Alfa Laval Toftejorg Rotart Jet Heads that we can supply include:

GEA Jet Washers: Slowly controlled rotating cleaners use targeted flat or round jet nozzles to spray the cleaning solution on the tank wall – achieving optimum cleaning results. The range of GEA Jet Washers that we can supply include:

Rotary Spray Head

Alfa Laval Toftejorg Rotary Spray Head: This dynamic spray head is suitable for applications where the products are relatively easy to clean. It offers a combination of physical impact and cascading flow of cleaning fluid that covers all internal surfaces. The Alfa Laval Toftejorg Rotary Spray Head range that we can supply include:

We can also provide Alfa Laval static spray heads for your tank cleaning requirements.

GEA spray balls are the main components for cleaning tanks and vessels, e.g. storage tanks, CIP tanks, milk collecting trucks. We supply the GEA range of sizes, flow rates and configurations for a broad scope of cleaning jobs. Spray balls as static cleaners are designed for flush cleaning with a high flow rate, thus providing powerful flushing at low pressure.

GEA Tank Spray Balls


  • Low capital outlay
  • No wearing parts
  • Various possible spray patterns, materials and surfaces
  • High flow rates
  • Available for tank safety system VARITOP®

If you don’t see the product you require, contact us and we will locate and competitively quote for fast delivery.