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SPX FLOW Seital Separation Technology

We are the official Channel Partner for SPX FLOW's Seital Separators and Clarifiers in the UK & Ireland.

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Seital Separation Technology is used throughout the world in many food, dairy, beverage and hygienic applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple mechanical design and construction, easy to maintain = Low maintenance time and cost
  • Skidded solution = Short installation time and cost savings
  • Remote monitoring = Higher uptime, on-time operational diagnostics
  • Wide range of models = Low investment needed
  • Low-noise = Improvement in operator’s working conditions
  • Hygienic fluid handling while processing = Low contamination risk

SPX FLOW Seital Vertical Disk Stack Centrifuges

SPX FLOW separators and clarifiers are based on advanced disk stack design and high mechanical efficiency. Therefore, Seital separators and clarifiers offer a high level of performance in a wide range of processing industry applications, in particular in the food and beverage industries. Moreover, typical applications include:

  • Clarification of liquids
  • Separation of liquids
  • Dewatering of suspensions and biomasses
  • Recovery of solids
  • Extraction of valuable products


Self-cleaning Separators

This type of separator allows for the recovery of fine particles (0,5-500 µm) and the efficient separation of a mixture into its two phases. Furthermore, it allows the contemporary clarification of both by means of a very high peripheral centrifugal field (G-force).

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Self-cleaning Clarifiers

The clarifier allows the recovery of fine particles (0.5-500 µm) and/or a strong clarification of liquids by means of a very high peripheral centrifugal field (G-force).

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Solids-Retaining (Manual Cleaning) Separators & Clarifiers 

Solids-retaining separators for liquid/liquid/solid and liquid/solid separation with very low solids content in the feed (less than 0.2% in volume).

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SPX FLOW Seital Separator - Self Cleaning

Direct Drive Centrifuges

SPX FLOW Seital offers a variety of separators including dairy, milk and cream separators.  Additionally, a direct drive option is offered for a range of these centrifuges. In direct drive centrifuges the motor shaft and the centrifuge shaft are the same part. Therefore, direct drive centrifuges utilize less energy, require less maintenance and take up less space.

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SPX Flow Seital Separator Centrigue Direct Drive - 1

SPX FLOW Separators & Clarifiers: Maintenance and Servicing

Our team of engineers have many years of experience working with Seital Separators and have gone through a rigorous SPX FLOW verified ten-step process. To conclude, this official accreditation confirms that the work we undertake is carried out to the highest quality, approved standards.

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