Devro - GEA Homogeniser Rental with Moody Direct

Our Homogeniser Rental Service

Smooth out your process by renting one of our stock homogenisers. Supporting the hygienic, liquid processing industry for almost 50 years, we have an in depth understanding of the homogenisation market.  With this knowledge, we have identified a demand for support units to be made available on a hire basis. Reasons to Rent In an

Process Equipment Integrity Testing

Moody Integrity Testing Moody Direct are a leading provider of service and maintenance to the process industry in the UK and Ireland. We offer a range of on-site, non-destructive equipment testing solutions nationwide. Our expert team of service engineers have been carrying out integrity testing alongside regular servicing for many years. This gives them the

Water Saver Unit

Water Saver Unit What is the Moody Direct Water Saver Unit? The Moody Direct Water Saver Unit reduces your costs by recovering and recycling process water that would otherwise be dumped to drain. In addition, the system also shows up contaminated water, giving early warning that there is a problem within your system. Industries Dairy Food