Separators We’re able to source, supply and install new or refurbished separators for all your production needs. We have excellent business relationships with Alfa Laval, GEA Westfalia and SPX Flow Seital which allows us to source the right separator to meet your needs. Our experienced engineers can install, commission and maintain these machines whilst our internal sales team

Solid-Retaining (Manual Cleaning) Separators & Clarifiers

Solid-Retaining (Manual Cleaning) Separators & Clarifiers SPX Flow Seital Separation Technology offers a wide range of solid-retaining (manual cleaning) milk/whey clarifiers, and warm milk and whey skimming separators are also available. The solid impurities present in the product are collected in the internal periphery of the bowl. Solids retaining centrifuges must be stopped and cleaned manually at the

SPX Flow Seital Separators

SPX Flow Seital Separation Moody Direct Ltd are the official Channel Partner for SPX Flow’s Seital Separation technologies in the UK & Ireland.   Seital Separation Technology is used throughout the world in many food and beverage applications. Features & Benefits Simple mechanical design and construction, easy to maintain = Low maintenance time and cost Skidded

SPX® FLOW Appoints Moody Direct Ltd as Seital® Separation Channel Partner and Certified Service & Repair Centre Status

Through its Seital® brand, SPX FLOW is a leading provider of high performance liquid/liquid and liquid/solid separation and clarification technology. To support customers in the United Kingdom, it has announced the appointment of Moody Direct Ltd as a new certified channel partner. Moody Direct has extensive knowledge of the manufacturing processes in industries including beverage,