Tetra Pak Seat Valves

High pressure valves GeneralThe valve is air operated and normally double acting actuator (A/A).The holding pressure are theoretical values when the actuator is supplied with 6 bar. Also change over valves are available but not shown here. There are two version:– BBZQ, with “normal” stem sealing to the atmosphere– BBYQ, with steam barrier protecting microorganism

Tetra Pak Constant Pressure Valves

Tetra Pak Constant Pressure Valves CPM  CPMI-2, CPMI-D60 and CPMO-2 are sanitary constant-pressure valves for use in stainless steel pipe systems. CPMI-2 and CPMI-D60 (Constant-Pressure Modulating Inlet) maintain a constant pressure in the process line at the inlet side of the valve. Typical applications of CPMI-2 and CPMI-D60 are after separators, heat exchangers etc. and