Holding Time Verification

Holding Time Verification Holding time verification is a method of testing used to ensure your pasteuriser is holding your product at the correct temperature for the correct duration. This is required to ensure product quality and safety. This test is a non-intrusive thermal method that monitors temperature increases from the beginning to the end of

Process Equipment Integrity Testing

Moody Integrity Testing Moody Direct are a leading provider of service and maintenance to the process industry in the UK and Ireland. We offer a range of on-site, non-destructive equipment testing solutions nationwide. Our expert team of service engineers have been carrying out integrity testing alongside regular servicing for many years. This gives them the


Moody Training Experienced training providers in the process and packaging industries. Our training courses are a combination of theory and practical activities to firstly show your engineers how your equipment functions, followed by practical fault finding in our state of the art training facility in Retford. This training gives your employees the knowledge and experience

Pasteuriser & PHE Leak Detection Test Service

Pasteuriser & PHE Leak Detection Test Service Moody Direct has launched PasTest2000, a non-destructive leak detection testing service for pasteurisers and plate heat exchangers. PasTest2000 is a patented testing method which can rapidly detect small leaks in plate heat exchangers without the need to open the plate pack. It has been tested by Campden BRI,