Refurbished Equipment

Refurbished Equipment Our refurbishment centre has been refurbishing process equipment for over 45 years. A refurbished component or machine can benefit from a prolonged life cycle that maximises the efficiency of your process at a significantly lower cost than replacing it with new. You can also rest assured the highest quality final product as all

Flotronic Minichem ONE-BLOCK PTFE Chemical Pump

Able to transfer aggressive chemicals and other hazardous materials at low 50 litre and 100 litre flow rates through ½″ and 1″ connections respectively, the absence of any housing and separate manifolds mean that our new Minichem pump has no manifold seals and therefore no obvious leak paths. veloping a cost-effective, ‘ONE-NUT’, air-operated double-diaphragm pump

APV/SPX DW Series Rotary Pump

APV/SPX DW Series Rotary Pump Engineering excellence, allied to stringent quality control, ensures that SPX’s unrivaled range of APV products complies with the highest international standards for hygiene. In the light of growing pressure worldwide to deliver safe, high quality food, all SPX products are designed for easy clean ability, while minimizing the use of

Ebara 2CDX Series Centrifugal Pump

Ebara 2CDX Series Centrifugal Pump Description Twin impeller centrifugal pumps with hydraulic components constructed in stainless steel AISI 304,suitable for pressure boosting, water supply, water treatment and irrigation. Air conditioning systems and general water pumping including moderately aggressive liquids. Specification Maximum working pressure: 8 bar Maximum liquid temperature: 60°C, 110° for H and HS versions