Wine & Juice Clarifier

The Benefits of a Superior Self-Cleaning Separator for Your Brewery

There are many reasons why installing a separator can benefit your production, its ability to increase quantity and enhance your product will see the initial investment quickly recovered. The first and most obvious benefit is the increase in yield as a separator will filter much faster than a traditional filter. It will also recover more

SPX Flow Seital Separators

SPX Flow Seital Separation Moody Direct Ltd are the official Channel Partner for SPX Flow’s Seital Separation technologies in the UK & Ireland.   Seital Separation Technology is used throughout the world in many food and beverage applications. Features & Benefits Simple mechanical design and construction, easy to maintain = Low maintenance time and cost Skidded

Water Saver Unit

Water Saver Unit What is the Moody Direct Water Saver Unit? The Moody Direct Water Saver Unit reduces your costs by recovering and recycling process water that would otherwise be dumped to drain. In addition, the system also shows up contaminated water, giving early warning that there is a problem within your system. Industries Dairy Food