Wine & Juice Clarifier

The Benefits of a Superior Self-Cleaning Separator for Your Brewery

There are many reasons why installing a separator can benefit your production, its ability to increase quantity and enhance your product will see the initial investment quickly recovered. The first and most obvious benefit is the increase in yield as a separator will filter much faster than a traditional filter. It will also recover more

APV / SPX Double Seat Mix Proof D4 Series Valves

APV / SPX Double Seat Mix Proof D4 Series Valves The next generation of mix proof valve technology is the result of continued development from both APV™ and Waukesha Cherry-Burrell™ process technologies. Used for the reliable separation of dissimilar fluids, the D4 Series helps fulfill today’s customer demands for production flexibility, increased productivity, rapid return

Wine Clarification

Wine Clarification Experience using a Seital series clarifier in addition to an intermediate filter on some white wines has produced extremely high clarification levels similar to the results seen in a cross-flow filter process. For all other wines the best clarification results are reached with a centrifugal clarifier (pre-clarification) followed by a final filter (very

Whey Separation

Whey Separation SPX FLOW Seital Separation Technology offers a wide range of self-cleaning separators for liquid/liquid/solid separation. This type of separator allows for the recovery of fine particles (0,5-500 µm), the efficient separation of a mixture into its two phases and the contemporary clarification of both by means of a very high peripheral centrifugal field (G-force).