Automotive Industry

CASE STUDY: How Moody Heat Exchangers Supported a Large Automotive Manufacturer with 27 New Alfa Laval Gasketed Heat Exchangers

Overview This British, multinational automotive company manufactures leading technologies within its industry. Their adaptive approach to creating innovative technology includes putting engines through a rigorous testing process to ensure complete vehicle safety and performance. Our client does this by running engines to the limit of their capacity on a testing rig. The heat produced by

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CASE STUDY: How Moody Heat Exchangers Assessed and Optimised A Large Soft Drink Manufacturer’s PHE Operations.

Overview Moody Heat Exchangers has worked closely with a large soft drink manufacturer to assess their current plate heat exchanger assets and provide a professional solution to increase efficiency, reduce costs and optimise their process of forward planning. As the site has grown significantly over the last few years and with further expansion of their

Alfa Laval Toftejorg Rotary Jet Head Barrel/Drum/IBC

Alfa Laval Toftejorg Rotary Jet Head Barrel/Drum/IBC The Alfa Laval GJ 7, Alfa Laval GJ BB and Alfa Laval GJ 9 rotary jet head tank cleaning devices represent a major technological breakthrough, offering the most powerful cleaning results in a compact, easy to handle size. The GJ 7 and GJ BB are specially designed to

Tank Components

Tank Components Moody Direct offer a variety of tank mixing and cleaning equipment to support your process. Our projects team can also support you with new and refurbished tanks or vessels individually or part of a complete solution. Tank Mixing Agitators Alfa Laval agitators have a flexible, modular design and enable you to tailor a mixing