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Automatic milk and cream standardisation

An original system developed by SPX, the Seital Series Se-St automatic standardisation unit employs a highly accurate Coriolis-type meter to provide the density of the cream coming out of the separator. The unit automatically controls separator output parameters such as skim back-pressure and cream concentration and features a touchscreen interface for adjustment of the fat quantity in milk and cream based on recipes set by the operator.

SPX FLOW Seital Milk Standardiser - small

The automatic milk and cream standardisation unit is available as a stand-alone module that can be connected to an existing separator or integrated in the same skid of a new separator.

Standardisation working range and accuracy:

  • Standardised cream: 25-45% fat content
  • Cream accuracy: +/- 0.2%
  • Standardised milk: from 0.5% up to raw milk fat content - 0.2%
  • Milk accuracy: 0.03-0.05%


  • Milk and cream

Separation and Clarification

Standardisation follows the separation and/or clarification of raw milk. There are many applications in which separation or clarification are essential to the dairy industry. Some applications include:

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