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Whey Clarification

SPX Flow Seital Self Cleaning ClarifiersThe Seital range of self-cleaning whey clarifiers for liquid/solid separation are listed below. These clarifiers allows the recovery of fine particles (0.5-500 µm) and/or a strong clarification of liquids by means of a very high peripheral centrifugal field (G-force).

The main purpose of a whey clarifier is to remove curd fines in order to enable the highest possible efficiency in the subsequent fat separation process. The best way to reduce cheese fines is by using a centrifugal clarifier. This process of whey clarification typically happens at the same temperature as whey separation.

For more information about how these clarifiers work, visit our dedicated page here.

Seital Self-Cleaning Whey Clarifiers for Liquid/Solid Separation

Cleaning Capacity
l/h (Gal/h)
Motor Power 
kW (HP)
SE11SM2,500 (660)4 (5)
SE115,000 (1321)5.5 (7)
SE168,000 (2113)7.5 (10)
SE2112,000 (3170)15 (20)
SE2515,000 (3963)18.5 (25)
SE3120,000 (5283)18.5 (25)
SE4125,000 (6604)22 (30)
SE4630,000 (7925)30 (40)
SE5140,000 (10567)37 (50)
SE6150,000 (13209)45 (60)
SE7165,000 (17171)55 (74)

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