New versions of well-known mixproof valve designed to meet your industry challenges.

New versions of well-known mixproof valve designed to meet your industry challenges.

Cover your industry specific needs with the new Alfa Laval Unique Mixproof High Alloy and UltraPure versions.

A reliable process with flexibility and sustainable advantages ensures high product quality and strengthens your competitiveness in hygienic manufacturing of food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical and home & personal care products.

Food / Dairy / Beverage industries:

Manufacturers of products containing high chloride concentration or low pH-levels often face corrosion challenges in their hygienic processes. A few examples:

  • Food: Soy sauce, ketchup or citrus acid extraction
  • Dairy: Lactic acid, whey and brine from cheese manufacturing
  • Beverage: Isotonic drinks, minerals dosing and hot water systems

Meeting the demand for higher corrosion resistance, Alfa Laval’s newly launched high alloy versions of its well-known Unique Mixproof valve secure superior product safety and longer equipment lifetime. The new Alfa Laval Unique Mixproof High Alloy version comes in two optional materials: Hastelloy C22 and AL6XN.

Home & Personal Care industries:

When producing anti-perspirant deodorants, fabric softeners and bleach type products there may be a need for equipment with high corrosion resistance in certain parts of your process.

Products containing quats with high chloride content and aluminium chlorohydrate tend to increase pitting or crevice corrosion leading to possible equipment failure and systems leakages. The new Alfa Laval Unique Mixproof High Alloy, manufactured in either Hastelloy C22 or AL6XN, gives you two solutions for higher corrosion resistance, longer equipment life and reduced production downtime.

Biotech & Pharmaceutical industries:

To meet the high standards needed in the growing pharmaceutical industry, Alfa Laval has launched its well-known Unique Mixproof valve in an UltraPure version.

Like all of the UltraPure equipment, the new Alfa Laval Unique Mixproof UltraPure comes with the Alfa Laval Q-doc package ensuring full traceability (3.1 certification) and seals with FDA, USP class VI and TSE/ADI certificates. Furthermore, the new Unique Mixproof UltraPure version will be available in high alloy materials: Hastelloy C22 and AL6XN. These alloys meet the demands for higher corrosion resistance from aggressive applications including, buffer solutions, cleaning liquids, high salt solution etc.


The Alfa Laval Unique Mixproof Valves are the ideal solution for any process application where high product safety, flexibility and lowest cost of ownership are required. The modular valve concept is easily tailored to your specific requirements. The double seat design enables the simultaneous flow of two different products or fluids through the same valve. It provides long-lasting, spillage-free operation thus minimizing the risk of cross-contamination as well as substantial water reduction opportunities.

Engineered with the latest efficiency and sustainability principles in mind, the Unique Mixproof Valves secure superior reliability while minimizing CIP consumption and downtime.

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  1. Dinesh Patel


    We need the spares for SMP SC Mixproof Valves ,Size:-101 mm, Lower plug and Upper plug,
    We received a drawing from some sources, if you need we will provide you or you also get the same from ALFALAVAL Denmark,

    • Becky Pearse


      Hi Dinesh,

      I’ve passed your comment on to our sales team who will be in touch shortly.


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