Alfa Laval Top Mounted Agitator Type ALT

Alfa Laval Tank Agitator - ALT

Our top mounted agitator ALT offers mixing solutions to meet any requirements in food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetic applications. Type ALT agitators can be sized for several applications for both atmospheric and pressurised tanks. Configuration for use in sterile/aseptic applications is also possible. Sizing and customising the agitator to the specific task ensures optimised power consumption and pricing.

Application Typical examples
Maintain media homogeneous Milk storage tanks, cream tanks, mixed product tanks, UHT product storage tanks, etc.
Mixing and Solutions (dissolves) Fluid and fluid mixing, i.e. drinking yoghurt and fruit mix tanks, flavoured milk mix tanks, syrup mix tanks, etc.
Solid Dispersion Powder protein + oil mix tanks, micro salt + milk product mix tanks, etc
Suspension Fluids with particles, i.e. juice tanks, crystallising tanks etc
Heat transmission Circulation of media in tanks with dimple jacket (cooling or heating)
Dairy Fermentation (break coagula + mixing) Yoghurt tanks, cheese culture tanks, crème fraîche, etc

Technical Data

Motor size and speed as required for duty. As standard with IEC motor IP55, other types on request. As standard painted RAL5010.

Voltage and frequency
As standard for 3×380 to 420V, 50Hz – 3x440V to 480V, 60Hz. All motor voltages and frequencies are available.

Different gear types available according to configuration. As standard filled with normal synthetic or mineral oil, optional: Food approved oil. As standard painted RAL5010.

ATEX – option
Agitators can be delivered approved for use in an ATEX environment
with declaration of conformity.

Physical Data

Available materials
Steel parts: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AISI 316L (standard). . . . .Other materials on request.
Seal rubber parts
(O-rings or bellows): . . . . . . . . . . . . EPDM. . . . .FPM/FEP (only for stationary o-rings). . . . .FPM. . . . .Other materials on request.

Mechanical seal parts: . . . . . . . . . . . Carbon. . . . .Carbon (FDA). . . . .Silicon carbide

Material certificate – option

3.1 Material certificates/FDA conformity statement according to 21 CFR177 on steel/elastomer parts in contact with the media

Alfa Laval Tank Agitator - ALT diagramDimensions

Standard propeller diameter range: ø125 mm to 1900 mm. Specific dimensions on the drive unit and propeller(s) will depend on the actual configuration selected.

Standard design

The Alfa Laval range of top mounted propeller agitators is designed to meet almost every customer requirement. Type ALT agitators are characterized by their free hanging shaft without bottom support. Due to their modular build, the agitators can be designed for every kind of application in hygienic industries. The modular construction is designed with the aim to meet both European and American standards and regulations, such as EHEDG, USDA, FDA, 3A etc.

Configurable design

Type ALT agitator design is fully configurable divided in the following elements:

  • Drives (drive + shaft support + shaft diameter)
  • Seal arrangements (oil trap + shaft seal type)
  • Shaft (length)
  • Energy Saving Foils (propeller type + surface finish)
  • Options

Each element has a broad range of different characteristics which make it possible to size the agitator for all applications and requirements.

Advantageous and profitable design

Each configuration offers a number of advantages, which are shown in the examples below:

Operation features Due to
Low energy consumption the wide range of high efficiency propellers and drive units makes it possible to design for low operational costs
Gentle product treatment the wide range of high efficiency propellers makes it possible to design for low shear operation


Hygienic features Due to
Easy external cleaning stainless steel bearing frame design with seal O-rings (for washing)
Connections inside the tank (risk zones) can be minimised bearing frame drives with drive shaft and special internal shaft connection without having a flange coupling inside the tank
Good drip off properties no plane surfaces or grooves on internal parts
Easy cleaning no interior shadow sides between the blades and smooth surfaces


Maintenance features Due to
All service (replacement of wearing parts such as shaft seals, bearings etc.) can be done from out side the tank bearing frame drives with detachable shaft which can be dismounted from outside the tank
Easy dismantling use of spider type coupling and stainless steel parts (no corrosion)