Heat Exchanger Spare Parts

Moody Direct’s product range includes an extensive stock of OEM and generic spare parts for all leading plate heat exchanger manufacturers including APV, Tetra Pak, GEA, Alfa Laval, Fischer, Schmidt, Sondex, and SWEP.

We offer a next day delivery service in the UK on all our stock lines, and within agreed times worldwide, and we offer 24 hours, 7 days a week access to spare parts.

Alfa Laval Heat Exchanger Moody Heat Exchanger Plates

Moody Direct also offer a complete on or off-site service for all plate heat exchanger service maintenance. Our service programme ensures that from start to finish, your plate heat exchanger plates are logged, crack-tested and cleaned to the highest quality standard.

Our range of Plate Heat Exchanger spares includes:

Gaskets (glue type & clip)   /   flow plates   /   change plates   /   end plates   /   frames   /   bosses   /   tightening bars   /   new designs & drawings   /   modifications

Alfa Laval APV Tranter Schmidtt Others
M6 Junior UX01 S7 Arsopi
M10 SR2 UX05 S9 Fischer
P22 SR3 UX10 S12 GEA
P14 R50 UX20 S17 Vicarb
Clip 6 Q030 UX40 S27 Sondex
Clip 8 Q035 UX80 S37 Swep
Clip 10 Q055 GC-026 S65 Stork
H7 H17 GL-013 S64 Schmidt
H10 SR6 GC-051 S85 UK Exchangers
M6M K55 S20 Reheat
P15 N35 S66 Charles Wait
M20-M K71 S55V AGC Engineering