Alfa Laval Toftejorg Rotary Jet Head Barrel/Drum/IBC

The Alfa Laval GJ 7, Alfa Laval GJ BB and Alfa Laval GJ 9 rotary jet head tank cleaning devices represent a major technological breakthrough, offering the most powerful cleaning results in a compact, easy to handle size. The GJ 7 and GJ BB are specially designed to clean small barrels and drums, while the GJ 9 offers fast cleaning of your intermediate bulk containers (IBC). All devices are available in a wide range of sizes and nozzle configurations. Click on the relevant jet head for more information.

Working principle

The Gamajet range of high impact tank cleaning devices combine pressure and flow to create high impact cleaning jets. Cleaning occurs at the point at which the concentrated stream impacts the surface. It is this impact and the tangential force that radiates from that point which blasts contaminants from the surface, scouring the tank interior. In conjunction with this impact, the device is engineered to rotate in a precise, repeatable and reliable, 360° pattern. This full-coverage, global indexing pattern ensures the entire tank interior is cleaned, every time.

Cleaning Pattern

AL Rotary Jet Heads - Barrel, Drum, IBC - Tech data

The above drawings show the cleaning pattern achieved on a cylindrical horizontal vessel. The difference between the first cycle and the full pattern represents the number of additional cycles available to increase the density of the cleaning.


Avoid hydraulic shock, hard and abrasive particles in the cleaning liquid, as this can cause increased wear and/or damage of internal mechanisms. In general, a filter in the supply line is recommended. Do not use for gas evacuation or air dispersion. For steaming we refer to the manual.