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INOXPA Shut-off Double Seat Valve INNOVA P


The INNOVA P-type valve is a pneumatic shut-off double seat valve for hygienic applications. The leackage chamber, under atmospheric pressure, situated between the two seats ensures a safe interface between the two liquids, one of which is usually a CIP solution (cleaning agent). The leakage chamber can be cleaned by independent lifting of the seats during the CIP cleaning of the line.

Design and features

  • Hygienic design according to EHEDG.
  • No leakage during the opening/closing of the valve.
  • Balanced lower seat.
  • Single-acting pneumatic actuator.
  • Easy assembly/disassembly of internal parts by loosening a clamp fastener.
  • Open lantern allows visual inspection of shaft sealing.
  • 360º adjustable body.

Technical specifications


  • Gaskets: FPM, HNBR.
  • Other connection types.
  • C-TOP+ control unit.
  • External position sensors.
  • Internal surface finish: Ra ≤ 0,5 μm.

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