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INOXPA Butterfly Valve Sandwich 4900


Sandwich butterfly valves, whether manually or automatically operated, can be used in most liquid product applications in the food-processing, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The design allows to easily instal or remove the valve without separating the pipes.

Operating principle

The butterfly valve can be operated automatically through an actuator or manually with a handle. The handle blocks the valve in the “open” or “closed” position, although there are also other models with intermediate positions.The actuator transforms the axial movement of the piston into a 90º rotary movement which it transmits to the disc.

Design and features

  • Design: “between flanges”.
  • Compact and robust design.
  • Multi-position handle as standard feature for valves up to DN-100/4″.
  • Two-position handle as standard feature for valves starting from DN-100/4″.
  • Low pressure losses.
  • Bodyhalves interchangeable with any connection type.
  • Connections: DIN 11850.
  • Traceability of components.



Disc and body halves AISI 316L (forged)
Handle AISI 304 / PP
Other St.St. parts AISI 304
Gasket EPDM according to FDA 177.2600
Internal surface finish Ra ≤ 0,8 μm
External surface finish Machined, Ra ≤ 1,2 μm



AISI 304L valve.
Gaskets: NBR, VMQ or FPM.
Two sizes for two-position handle.
Handles: two-position, lever, micrometric, with safety lock, etc.
Electric actuator or single- or double-acting actuator, the size is determined by the operating torque of the valve.
Electro-pneumatic positioner.
Inductive position sensors.
C-TOP control unit (inductive position sensors or microswitches).


Technical specifications



General dimensions

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