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APV / SPX Aseptic and Single Seat Delta AP1 Valve

The DELTA AP1 Aseptic valve series from APV comes in two versions – the Techno and the Econo. Each is available in a hand-operated and pneumatically actuated version. The housing of the Techno is made of stainless steel 1.4435 with a Ra value of < 0.5 micron for product-wetted surfaces as required by the pharmaceutical industry. The Techno body is supplied with a DIN EN 10204 (3.1) test certificate. Both the Techno and the Econo versions are EHEDG and 3A certified.

Operating Principle

The diaphragm shaft with metal cone is built from one TFM/PTFE piece. The opening and closing of the valve is performed either by a pneumatic actuator or by a manual hand-wheel. A unique support system provides for more reliability and a longer lifetime of the diaphragm. Moreover, this system protects the diaphragm against excess pressure in every actuating position during opening and closing.


The aseptic diaphragm valve DELTA AP1 is used in aseptic processes of the pharmaceutical, biotechnological, cosmetics and food industries. It is applied, for example, as process valve, dosing valve, sampling valve or drain valve in combination with an APV W+ centrifugal pump. In this application, the DELTA AP1 valve is welded, free of dead spaces, direct to the pump housing.

Product Features and Benefits

Diaphragm support system
This unique construction consisting of a static and a dynamic part, relieves the diaphragm from process pressure, increasing its lifetime considerably.

TFM/PTFE diaphragm
The PTFE diaphragm is very strong and robust. In contrast to standard elastomers, the diaphragm enables the use of a variety of cleaning agents and products.

Rotatable angle connections for air hoses
provide for space-saving installation and easy maintenance of the valves.

3.1 marking
The Techno line comes with a DIN EN 10204 (3.1) certificate.

Globular valve body
A globular valve body avoids dead ends preventing consequent contamination and longer CIP times.

Different body configurations available
The variety in valve body configurations ensures the right body for any installation.

Clamp housing closure
The clamp housing closure between valve body and actuator enables quick and easy service, thus minimising maintenance costs.

Limited Compression Of Diaphragm Shaft For Manual Valve

Closing of the valve, the valve shaft is driven into closed position by spring force. Thus, excess pressing of the diaphragm shaft by manual force is excluded.


The DELTA AP1 is available with a choice of three electrical feedback systems, enabling process monitoring via PLC:

  •  A module with two proximity switches for the open and closed position signals
  •  A module with one proximity switch for the closed position signal
  • A module with two mechanical micro switches for the open and closed position signals

For further details please refer to the Delta AP1 Manual or alternatively contact our sales team.