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APV / SPX FLOW Heat Exchanger Spare Parts

We supply spare parts and gaskets for all the heat exchangers listed below:

SR Range

  • SR1, SR2, SR3, SR6-AA, SR6-AG, SR6-GH, SR6-GL, SR9, SD9, SR23-AO, SR23-PV, SR23-VO, SR14-AD, SR14-AH, SR14-AN, SR14-AP, SR14-GD, SR15-PE

R Range

  • R5, ER5, R40, R405, R6, R66, R8-AH, R8-GI, R10, R106, R86, R89

TR / LR / LD Ranges

  • TR1, TR9-AL, TR9-AV, TR9-GL, TR9-GN, LR9-AL, LR9-GL, LR9-GN, LD9-AL, LD9-GL, LD9-GN

J / QD / QE Ranges

  • J060, J092, J107, J185, QD030, QD055, QD080, QE055, QE080

B Range

  • B063L, B063S, B110L, B110S, B134L, B134S, B158L, B158S, B205L, B205S

Other Models

  • JUNIOR, HX, HMB, P105, P190, A055, A085, CHF130, FFPE, PE SER III (RFF), RFFPE, U2

Pasilac Models

  • T4, R55, D37, K34, K55, K71, H12, H17, N25, N35, N50, M60, M92, M107, M185