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FrymaKoruma offers equipment for mixing, dispersing, homogenising, emulsifying, wet grinding, heat exchanging and deaerating. Moody Direct can provide spares and service support for the FrymaKoruma product lines in the food and healthcare sectors.

Moody Direct Spares & Service have an extensive service support structure providing on-site maintenance on all types of process plant with 24/7 availability, 365 days a year. Together with our commitment to invest in a spare parts inventory to give customers shorter lead times, we are able to offer enhanced levels of support.


FrymaKoruma Range

Continuous Manufacturing

The continuous manufacturing is an alternative solution to common batch process. A plant manufacturing semi-solids consists of the powders and liquids being dosed in FrymaKoruma’s powder wetting system to be mixed. After integrated heating or cooling and de-aerating (where necessary), comes homogenisation in their inline-homogeniser. Finally, your product is fed into a finisher-skid to add flavours or colours where necessary. The fully automated dosing process allows for a guarantee of exact production to your recipe and ensures a safe process.


Dil in-line Homogeniser

The FrymaKoruma homogeniser is a solution for continous processing of both emulsions and dispersions. Their four models (DIL 100, DIL 160, D180, DIL230) range from 7,000 (l/h) throughput to 85,000 and provide clean, high performance solutions.



FrymaKoruma mills can be applied to a large range of applications as they’re used on production lines in laboratories in many industries. Their range including toothed colloid, corundum stone and perforated disc mills.


Processing Units

These processing units have been designed to offer consistently high product quality, shorter batch cycles, minimal operating costs, low space requirements and simple operation. Providing vacuum processing with advanced homogenisation technology.


Vacuum Deaerators

The Vacuum Deaerating Unit type VE is for deaerating products of a liquid, semi-liquid or paste-like consistency. This FrymaKoruma unit operates continuously and is typically the last station in a production line or the first in a filling line. Models include: VE-I, VE-II, VE-III, VE-IV, VE-V, VE-VI.