APV / SPX Double Seal Safe Flow Delta SD4 Valves

Product Benefits and Features

Safe Separation of Incompatible Media
With two serial seat seals and a separation cavity, the DELTA SD4 valves are designed for safe media separation.

Excellent Hygienic Features
DELTA SD4 valves have excellent hygienic characteristics due to a number of design features:

  •  Ball-shaped housing without sump or dome
  •  Crevice-free sealing
  •  Leakage discharge valves enabling drainage as well as cleaning of neutral cavity

CIP/SIP Cleaning of Leakage Cavity
The DELTA SD4 valves have leakage discharge valves to drain the neutral area between the seals. The leakage discharge valves are used for supply and discharge of cleaning media, which enables CIP and SIP cleaning of the neutral area. Leakage valves and actuator are controlled by the same solenoid valve. Therefore, additional control is not required.

Multiple Designs Available, Incl. Aseptic
DELTA SD4 valves are available in a shut-off, a change-over and a tankoutlet design. Furthermore, the valves are available in an aseptic design with a supported flat TFM membrane.

Long Seal Life
Sealings designed with metallic stop ensure limited elastomer compression and, consequently, avoidance of sealing overstress. Moulded elastomer profile seals with clear identification markings ensure prompt and fail-safe identification of seals during maintenance

Only one hexagonal nut outside the product area ensures quick and easy service of the valve. Flanged valve body closure for safe and controlled disassembly and assembly of valve insert.

Theory of Operation

The DELTA SD4 valves are used for safe separation of incompatible media. Safe media separation is provided by a design with two seat seals. A ring-shaped leakage chamber is arranged between the two seals. It is forcible closed or opened to the atmosphere by the two leakage discharge valves.

In case of damage of the seat seals, the leakage will be drained via the leakage valves to the atmosphere and indicated.

Cleaning of the leakage chamber is undertaken via the leakage valves. The cleaning liquid is supplied via one leakage valve and discharged to the atmosphere via the second one. The directed flow of the cleaning liquid provides for a perfect cleaning of the whole leakage chamber.

Product Specifications

Valve Housing Variants 

Options and Accessories 

DELTA SD4 valves are available with proximity switch holder or a control unit.

Proximity Switch Holder
Proximity switches to signal the final position of the valve seat can be mounted to the proximity switch holders if required.

DELTA CU Control Unit
The DELTA CU control units, used on various APV valve lines, are also available with the DELTA SD4 valves. The control unit operates as interface between process control and valve and controls the electric and pneumatic signals. APV DELTA CU control units are very robust, easy to maintain, and designed to operate in tough environments. Signal data are easily visible on an exterior LED (electronic lights). DELTA CU control units are available with or without a NOT element. A NOT element provides automatic air assist to the back side of the piston to increase product holding pressure. DELTA SD4 valves are typically delivered with DELTA CU41N control units, including NOT element, to provide increased stem holding pressure.

Interface Options

  •  DELTA CU4 Direct Connect (hard wire)
  •  DELTA CU4 AS-Interface, 31 or 62 slaves
  •  Profibus and DeviceNet (DELTA CU3)

Position Indication
2 internal feedback sensor switches for valve open/valve closed position detection

Solenoid Valves

  •  1 Solenoid

Protection Class

  •  IP67
  •  NEMA 6

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Additional Technical Information

Max. Holding Pressures

KVS Values