Wort’s the worst that could happen?

Wort’s the worst that could happen?

Moody PHE tell us how their plate heat exchanger refurbishment can save energy.

Wort Cooling = Energy Saving

Plate Heat Exchanger Refurb

Our PHE Refurb Centre

Plate fouling leads to poor heat recovery, which means you are spending more to heat your brewing liquor. Your plate heat exchanger (PHE) is an essential part of your brewing equipment, keeping your plant clean maximises efficiency.

Regular PHE refurbishment restores plate heat exchangers back to the new condition optimising heat recovery.

Plate failure can lead to cross contamination between Wort and Brewing Liquor leading to microbiological problems and wort dilution, regular integrity tests can identify plate failure.

Paul Hayward, Moody PHE, explains “For a quick and accurate test, the PasTest2000 Integrity System is ideal. We’ve been running this test for 3 years now and our customers are always grateful for the early identification of issues.”

Camden BRI, the UK’s leading independent food and drink research organisation stated the PasTest2000 system was “very effective for systematic testing of plate heat exchangers.”

Keeping You Processing

For more information, get in touch with Moody PHE by calling their Customer Service Team free on 0800 666 397 or email sales@moodydirect.com

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