The latest Alfa Laval self-priming pump, LKH Prime, is now on Moody Direct shelves.

Alfa_Laval_Authorized_Integrator_RGB_webThe latest Alfa Laval self-priming pump, LKH Prime, is now on Moody Direct shelves.  

The LKH Prime is an efficient, versatile and hygienic self-priming pump that uses a combination of air-screw technology, optimized impeller and casing geometry to exceed industry expectations for quiet, efficient operation and reduced energy consumption.

Quiet in operation, the Alfa Laval LKH Prime is engineered to meet the most stringent standards. If you’re looking for a solution to a noisy, inefficient plant this should be your first step as it can reduce noise levels by 80% when compared to traditional liquid ring pumps.
LKH Prime

Once the pump is installed you can expect your plant to become up to 60% more efficient compared to using traditional liquid ring pumps. Alfa Laval LKH Prime delivers superior efficiency resulting in low energy consumption – which means output will go up whilst your outgoings will go down.

And don’t worry about expensive maintenance costs, as the LKH Prime shares common parts with other Alfa Laval LKH range pumps it offers low cost of ownership and increased uptime, backed up by the security that comes from Alfa Laval’s global service network.

The ability to evacuate air from the suction pipe combined with a low noise level and high pumping efficiency makes the LKH Prime also ideal for tank emptying and CIP return applications.

The Benefits:

  • Energy efficient: Superior efficiency resulting in reduced energy consumption and CO2 footprint.
  • Versatile: Designed for Cleaning-in-Place duties containing entrained air, it can also pump product, reducing the need for an additional pump, lowering capital investment.
  • Quality, reliability: Alfa Laval LKH Prime is based on the trusted design of the LKH pump family that’s renowned for quality and reliability.
  • Quiet, hygienic: The pump operates very quietly and is certified according to the most stringent hygienic design standards.
  • Easy to service: Sharing many common components with the Alfa Laval LKH pump range, it is easy to service and maintain.

As a leading supplier, we provide a tailored service to all our customers with the purpose of reducing operating costs, increasing production and sustaining efficiency – that’s why we’re wholeheartedly recommending this pump.

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