Alcoholic Beverage Clarification

Clarification in the Alcoholic Beverages Industry Alcoholic beverage clarification is widely used within the brewery, spirits and wine industries. Moreover, this includes: Clarification of must, wine and sparkling wines Clarification of wort and beer We have been working within these industries for many years. Therefore, we are uniquely able to support your alcoholic beverage clarification

Seital Separators – Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Separation in the Non-Alcoholic Beverages Industry The Non-Alcoholic Beverages industry will utilise separation and/or clarification within their processes, including: Clarification of apple, citrus and exotic juices Tea clarification Coffee clarification Soft drinks clarification Concentration/purification of essential oils

Seital Separators – Chemical/Industrial

Separation in the Chemical/Industrial Industry The chemical/industrial industries will utilise separation and/or clarification within their processes, including: Polymer-monomer separation Recovery and washing of catalysts Purification of lube, hydro and waste oils, diesel and fuels Treatment of washing baths, coolant emulsions Recovery of valuable substances

Dairy Separation

Separation in the Dairy Industry A key part of the raw milk process is separation. There are many applications in which separation or clarification are essential to the dairy industry. Some applications include: Milk skimming Whey skimming Milk clarification Whey clarification Milk bacteria clarification Automatic and manual standardization Cream concentration Butter oil production

SPX Flow Seital Self Cleaning Clarifiers

Moody Direct Ltd to Display Seital® Separator at PPMA 2019

As the exclusive channel partner for SPX FLOW Seital Separation technologies in the UK and Ireland, Moody Direct Ltd will be displaying a Seital Separator on their stand, F119, at PPMA Total Show 2019. The PPMA Total Show will be held from 1st – 3rd October at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham. Hall