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As a leading service and maintenance provider to the process industries across the UK, we can provide an organised, professional service ensuring your maintenance shutdown runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

With one of the industry’s largest in-house team of trained maintenance engineers at our disposal, we can arrange for large quantities of process equipment to be tested, serviced and replaced (if necessary) during your short time-frame.

During a recent maintenance shutdown, in November 2019, at a large and well known dairy manufacturing site our team of 37 experienced engineers serviced 650 valves, replaced and retested 16 plate heat exchangers and crack tested 41 tanks over the course of four days.

The varied range of valves, from a variety of original equipment manufacturers, were all serviced during the shutdown by 25 engineers from our field service team. All of the valves were thoroughly wet tested ensuring faultless operation and integrity.

The 16 plate heat exchangers were removed and replaced with exchange plate packs.  Each replacement heat exchanger was tested using our GasTest 3000 integrity testing system to ensure the integrity of the exchange plate packs prior to start up. This method of integrity testing not only detects defective, failed plates but is also able to assess the condition of gaskets.

Following completion of the work on site more than 2,000 plates were sent to our Nottinghamshire based refurbishment centre where they underwent our accredited, quality controlled, refurbishment process of chemically cleaning and UV crack detection testing. FDA approved gaskets were fitted to the plates and finally the exchange plate packs were built back up to the correct configuration, packaged and delivered back to the customers site.

In total 74 tanks, designed to hold a range of products from animal feed to both raw and finished milk, underwent testing (33 in October and 41 during the maintenance shutdown in November). Our confined space trained engineers utilised the popular dye penetration testing method to establish a pass or fail on the integrity of each tank.

For more information about our range servicing, maintenance, testing and refurbishment capabilities, please get in touch with Lara Duncan on 01777 712111 or email

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