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Wine Clarification

Wine & Juice Clarifier

Experience using a Seital series clarifier in addition to an intermediate filter on some white wines has produced extremely high clarification levels similar to the results seen in a cross-flow filter process. For all other wines the best clarification results are reached with a centrifugal clarifier (pre-clarification) followed by a final filter (very fine clarification).

The following accessories are recommended:

  • Electro-pneumatic metering device
  • Product recirculation (to avoid temporary turbidity after discharges)
  • "H" hermetic execution (compulsory for sparkling wine)
  • A turbidimeter allows for complete control of the process.
ModelsHydraulic Capacity l/h (Gal/h)Wine Capacity up to** l/h (Gal/h)
SE101EI2,500 (670)1,500 (400)
SE111EI5,000 (1330)3,000 (800)
SE161EI9,000 (2380)7,000 (1850)
SE201EI15,000 (3970)13,000 (3440)
SE301EI25,000 (6610)20,000 (5290)
SE401EI30,000 (7930)25,000 (6610)
SE451EI35,000 (9250) 30,000 (7930)
SE501EI40,000 (10570)33,000 (8720)
SE601EI70,000 (18500)40,000 (10570)
SE701EI90,000 (23780)55,000 (14530)

** The real clarifier capacity depends on the product characteristics and on the degree of clarification

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