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Beer Clarification

The process of beer clarification historically utilised filtration. However, clarification is a much more efficient process that delivers a superior result. Therefore, beer or wort clarification is essential within any brewery production.

This process involves removing solids from the wort or beer to give a clear liquid. It is critical that beer clarification does not compromise your product's flavour or aroma during the process. For more information about how these clarifiers work, visit our dedicated page here.

There are many benefits to investing in a self-cleaning clarifier for your brewery. One of the primary benefits is the typical oxygen pick up of <10 ppb and return on investment. Find out more about the benefit of these wort and beer clarifiers here.


Seital Self-Cleaning Beer Clarifiers for Liquid/Solid Separation

The beer or wort clarifier allows the recovery of fine particles (0.5-500 µm) and/or a strong clarification of liquids by means of a very high peripheral centrifugal field (G-force).

Capacities up to, according to different clarification steps hl/h (Gal/h) (*)

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Models (SE)Hot Wort
hl/h (Gal/h)
Trub wort
hl/h (Gal/h)
Green Beer
hl/h (Gal/h)
Before Filtration hl/h (Gal/h)Beer Recovery hl/h (Gal/h)Special Polishing hl/h (Gal/h)
SE10115 (396)3 (79)25 (660)25 (660)1 (26)-
SE11145 (1188)5 (132)50 (1320)50 (1320)2 (53)-
SE16150 (1320)5 (132)70 (1849)70 (1849)2 (53)20 (528)
SE201140 (3698)15 (396)140 (3698)140 (3698)6 (158)40 (1056)
SE301200 (5283)40 (1056)200 (5283)200 (5283)10 (264)-
SE401250 (6604)40 (1056)250 (6604)250 (6604)10 (264)-
SE451290 (7660)50 (1320)290 (7660)290 (7660)12 (317)90 (2372)
SE501330 (8717)100 (264)500 (13208)500 (13208)25 (660)
SE601400 (10566)120 (3170)600 (15850)600 (15850)30 (792)110 (2905)
SE701530 (14001)-750 (19812)750 (19812)--

*The real clarifier capacity depends on the product characteristics and the requested degree of beer clarification.

Hort wort< 1.5% v/v< 0.05% v/v
Trub wort< 15% v/v< 0.2% v/v
Green beer< 20 million yeast cells/ml< 1 million yeast cells/ml
Before filtration< 10 million yeast cells/ml< 0.5 million yeast cells/ml
Beer recovery (CM³)< 30% v/v< 1% v/v

As the SPX FLOW Seital Channel Partner for the UK, we can provide clarifiers and separators for a range of applications. Alternatively, take a look at our complete range of separators.

We are also a SPX FLOW certified service and repair centre. Therefore, we can provide accredited service, maintenance and refurbishment on beer or wort clarifiers and to a range of other process equipment.

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