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Seital Direct Drive Centrifuges

SPX Flow Seital Separator Centrigue Direct DriveAdvantage

Direct drives are the most advanced way to translate energy from a rotating motor shaft to a centrifuge. They occupy less space and run quieter, enabling more elegant, streamlined operations. In highly competitive markets, where subtle production nuances and the visual appeal of the line itself can have significant impact on market value, running with state-of-the art equipment can give you a distinct advantage.

Energy Matters

Transmitting power directly rather than with gears or belts reduces energy consumption. This can reduce operating costs significantly while also contributing to environmental sustainability. And the longer your process runs, the more your savings will add up.

Maintaining your Edge

Eliminating the need to change belts removes a significant maintenance task. And because there are fewer moving parts, direct drive centrifuges are easier to assemble and disassemble. This makes them easier to tune and repair, maximizing uptime and reducing overall cost of ownership.

How it Works

In traditional separator designs a gear or belt is used to transfer energy from the motor to the shaft and while these
methods are well established they are not the most energy efficient design. The direct-drive system has a specially developed motor mounted directly on the centrifuge shaft. This minimizes energy loss, enables a more compact footprint and, because there are fewer moving parts, reduces the maintenance.

SPX Flow Seital Separator Centrigue Direct Drive - 1

SPX Flow Seital Separator Centrigue Direct Drive Diagram

Direct Drive – delivering value to your process

  • Reduced operation costs – save energy costs
  • Reduced maintenance – simplified efficient design
  • Smaller footprint – less space needed for belt or gear assemblies
  • Quieter operation – fewer moving parts
  • Intelligent performance – inbuilt monitoring
  • Fine European craftsmanship – expert attention to every detail

= Lower total cost of ownership

Keeping you processing

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