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Fogg Fillers

Fogg logoMoody Direct is the authorised dealer for Fogg Fillers in the UK and have been supplying new and refurbished fillers for over 30 years.

Over this time we have developed an expert knowledge and understanding of installing, commissioning, servicing and maintaining Fogg fillers.

Our team will find the most cost effective solution for your liquid processing, conveyor and filling requirements. After ascertaining the product (pH levels), product attributes (shelf life) and filling temperature they will suggest the most suitable filler for your application and needs.

Fogg Filler

From bottled water to antifreeze, juice to household products, pharmaceutical to dairy products, Fogg Filling machines have proven superior in applications throughout the world. Fogg engineer bottling equipment to meet your specific production requirements – contoured stainless steel filler bowls up to 9 ft diameter, 90 filling valves, integrated rinser and/or capping systems, machine guarding with HEPA filtration.

We can provide the following range of Fogg Filler:

F1256 - 12014 - 305lt – 0.5lt1200
F942 - 9014 - 305lt – 1.5lt900
F836 – 7212 – 245lt – 1.5lt700
F624 – 548 – 185lt – 1.5lt-
F412 – 364 – 125lt – 1.5lt330
F2-1.75lt - 50ml-

*BPM = Bottles per minute

The most popular models for our customers are the F6 and F4 for a number of reasons. Firstly, they focus on efficiency and hygiene which for dairy and beverage products is of the utmost importance. They also have a smaller footprint and can accommodate low to medium production – and fit in smaller filling plants.

They are also cheaper to maintain due to their reduced number of critical parts. The latest F6 model also boasts an Acculft® system to provide superior valve and bottle alignment.

Non-Contact Fillers

Fogg provides a range of non-contact fillers that utilise pressure sensors and automated valves to allow the bottle to fill without making contact with the valve. This filling method has a much higher level of accuracy therefore significantly reduces product wastage. It also eliminates any chance of bottle damage and is much more hygienic.


Bottle Range Capabilities

The Fogg fillers offer a range of bottle capabilities whether for the traditional plastic bottle or for the increasingly popular glass bottles.

Fogg Filler Bottle Ranges


Filler Features

  • Safety & Sanitation Guarding
  • Filtration
  • Clutches
  • Level Control Systems (Ball Float or Air Pressure)
  • Valve Technology
  • ESL Sanibar® & Base Flush Systems

Fogg FillerUpgrades & Refurbishment

We are able to source, refurbish and upgrade pre-owned Fogg fillers in our workshop in Retford. Each filler is methodically inspected and outdated parts removed. As an agent for Fogg, we refurbish and upgrade with genuine change parts. As the change parts are genuine, all reconditioned models will comply with safety standards such as the FDA. We can also take your current filler and recondition for superior performance and efficiency.


Spare Parts & Service

Our knowledgeable sales team are able to provide competitive quotes on genuine Fogg change parts and spares. Our team of service engineers are experienced with repairing, servicing and maintaining Fogg fillers and can provide these services as emergency, ad-hoc, planned or included within a full service contract.