Moody Direct to Launch Flash Pasteuriser at International Cheese Show

Moody Direct to Launch Flash Pasteuriser at International Cheese Show

Leading supplier of spare parts and components to the process industry, Moody Direct, have launched a new continuous, fully automatic, flash pasteuriser designed primarily for milk, cheese milk and calves milk pasteurisation.

Pasteuriser Moody Direct - inside

This pasteuriser will be on display on Moody Direct’s stand at the International Cheese Show in Nantwich on the 25th and 26th July.

Traditional batch pasteurisation wastes energy heating the product up and also wastes water cooling the product back down again. With inbuilt heat recovery, Moody Direct’s regenerative pasteuriser self-cools pasteurised product, saving energy and reducing water bills whilst offering increased output.

Pasteuriser Moody Direct - side

These savings could pay for this machine within approximately nine months with a flowrate greater than 400 L/Hr when compared to traditional batch methods.

With automatic flow diversion to protect pasteurisation temperature, water flush and automatic dosing of detergents for cleaning (CIP) at the touch of a screen, this machine is fully automatic and simple to use.

Furthermore, this pasteuriser significantly lowers the risk of bacterial contamination such as Johne’s disease when producing calf milk, protecting your herd and your product.

If you can’t wait until the International Cheese Show, the pasteuriser is available to view now at Moody Direct’s facility in Retford, Nottinghamshire, just call 07792 132 871 or email to arrange a viewing.

More information can be found here: Flash Pasteuriser

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