Just Connect and Go

Just Connect and Go

The latest continuous fully automatic flash pasteuriser is now available at Moody Direct Ltd.Pasteuriser Moody Direct - side
With the increased importance of pasteurisation to increase shelf life and avoid spoilage, we see more businesses looking for a cost effective solution.

So whether you’re looking for your next milk, cheese milk, calves milk or even cider pasteuriser, this cost effective machine with inbuilt heat recovery produces a high quality product.

The Specification:

  • 250 – 2,000 L/Hr flowrate options
  • Automatic Control Panel with PLC
  • Touch Screen Display
  • Pasteurisation Temperature logging & recording via USB
  • Fully tested & certified with CE Marking
  • Electrical Hot Water System
  • Up to 90% heat recovery

Pasteuriser Moody Direct - topGarry Folds, Heat Exchanger Sales Manager at Moody Direct explains how.

“There are some popular myths about pasteurisation and a lot of people believe that it can be expensive, complex and require a lot of energy.
However, with our pasteuriser these can be dispelled”

“Firstly, we’re able to offer a very competitive price on this pasteuriser and businesses looking to flash pasteurise their products as opposed to batch pasteurisation will see monetary savings from the heat recovery and an increase in output”

“For businesses who don’t already pasteurise, this could be an in road to artisan cheese production, cider making or calves milk production. With the latter saving on Milk Replacer, increasing calves health and growth rates, reducing the risk of bacterial contamination and possible transmission of diseases such as Johne’s”Pasteuriser Moody Direct - inside

“Aside from being the most cost effective flash pasteuriser on the market, what really makes it ideal for many businesses, is that it’s so simple and easy to use because it’s fully automatic, you just need to connect and go”

“With automatic flow diversion to protect pasteurisation temperature, water flush and automatic dosing of detergents for cleaning (CIP) at the touch of a screen this machine really does it all”

“Its compact pallet sized footprint, robust design, ease of use and aftersales service and support genuinely provides it all”

This pasteuriser is now available to view at Moody Direct’s facility in Retford, Nottinghamshire.

Get in touch:

Call: 07792 132871

Email:  garry.folds@moodydirect.com

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