The Benefits of a Superior Self-Cleaning Separator for Your Brewery

There are many reasons why installing a separator can benefit your production, its ability to increase quantity and enhance your product will see the initial investment quickly recovered.

The first and most obvious benefit is the increase in yield as a separator will filter much faster than a traditional filter. It will also recover more product typically lost in a traditional filter, therefore reducing product loss. A brewer could increase production by up to 20% with the same volume of tanks.

The separation process speeds up your production by taking fermented, unclarified beer and spinning plates at several thousand rpm, to separate out yeast, hop solids and brewing proteins leaving you with clarified beer unexposed to oxygen. Typically, the Seital range of separators will give you <10 ppb oxygen pick up.

Wine & Juice Clarifier

The time your beer can be sitting in a fermentation vessel can be reduced from days to hours, allowing faster tank turnover, without compromising consistency. With such a low rate of oxygen pick up you could also increase product shelf life.

You may be worried that such an integral change from filtration to separation will take away from your beer’s flavour and what makes it unique. In fact, this is quite the opposite as separation technology will retain finer materials which are essential to your products aroma and flavour.

All productions and processes are different and the return on investment (ROI) will depend on many factors. However, the majority of brewers see a ROI within two years.

SPX FLOW Service & Repair Center logoMoody Direct Ltd are SPX FLOW’s official UK channel partner for their superb Seital range of separators and have also been accredited as a Certified Service & Repair Centre. This status allows them to carry out certified maintenance and refurbishment, not only on Seital separators, but a large range of process components.

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