Moody Heat Exchangers Launch Ground-Breaking GasTest 3000, an Advanced Method of Integrity Testing

The GasTest 3000 not only identifies present defects in plate and tubular heat exchangers, but also ascertains any potential risk of future failures.

GasTest 3000 Integrity Test

Organisations are under the spotlight now more than ever to run an efficient and cost effective production whilst also ensuring quality and hygiene standards are met. Therefore, the ability to detect potential defects early and accordingly plan maintenance in line with a production schedule is vital.

The GasTest 3000 offers an advanced level of inspection enabling production managers to do just that, implement preventative measures to reduce unforeseen downtime and assure product quality. Most methods of gas integrity testing in the UK market only identify cracks; the GasTest 3000 takes testing one step further. It also detects any corrosion, material fatigue and assesses gasket condition within a single inspection and without opening the plate pack.

Located in Retford, Nottinghamshire, Moody Heat Exchangers are a leading provider of heat exchanger solutions in the UK. They have an experienced team of in-house engineers who are trained to provide on-site emergency, ad-hoc or planned servicing and maintenance. They operate from their state-of-the-art refurbishment centre where plates are expertly inspected and reconditioned accordingly.

“The non-corrosive, non-toxic gas mixture of 10% Hydrogen and 90% Nitrogen has a lower density and lighter molecules than the traditional Helium gas, therefore allowing for more accurate results. Identifying wear in a plate or gasket before it becomes a leak can prevent cross contamination, product loss and costly downtime.” said Sheldon Van Zyl, Heat Transfer Division Manager at Moody Heat Exchangers.

For more information on the GasTest 3000 you can visit, call 01777 701141 or email

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