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GEA Tuchenhagen VESTA® Shut-off Valves H_A & H_CA

GEA, VestaH_A and H_CA VALVE (2)The VESTA® sterile valves are a practical, cost-effective alternative to diaphragm valves. The shut-off valve H_A is used to open and close segments of the pipe system for liquid and gaseous media.The valve achieves maximum product safety and product quality in aseptic and sterile process applications.

As sterile production processes demand that any migration of substances between the processing zone and its ambient area be prevented, a hermetically secure sealing system is essential.

VESTA® sterile valves meet that requirement by utilizing a bellows-type sealing element. Conventional shut-off valves are unsuitable on account of the valve spindle’s reciprocating motion ‘shuttle’ effect). The bellows offers a means of sealing the inner processing zone hermetically, keeping it permanently separate from the surrounding area. Aseptic bellows seals ensure the integrity of the processing zone and compensate for the valve stroke.

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