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GEA Tuchenhagen Double-Chamber Valves DDK

Aseptic double-chamber valves type DDK are flow control devices for aseptic processing plants. The valve enables the total separation of antagonistic media and offers you maximum process safety.

The two integrated steam barriers (ISB) enable the safe separation of both product lines, even while lifting of the upper valve seat. The third valve seat enables additional flexibility for your process with reduced downtime while cleaning. It even enables maintenance work at the valve for the lower product line while running production through the upper line. The valve build-up is similar to a standard double chamber valve and therefore also provides easy maintenance and low Total Cost of Ownership.

Main Components


Housings for double-chamber valves type DDK are available with two, three or four port connections. The valves are produced with standard butt-weld connections by default. Mixed port connection sizes can be delivered upon request as well as various aseptic pipe connections.

Internal Assemblies 

The double-chamber valve type DDK includes an internal assembly with two valve seats (same as DK valve) and an internal assembly with one valve seat (same as AVBS valve). The upper seat (seat B) of the DK internal assembly contains a shrunk valve seat seal made of Tefasep® (optionally PTFE). The other two valve seats are available with a shrunk or screwed valve seat seal. In addition to the standard Tefasep® sealing, other sealing materials such as PTFE, EPDM, Viton®, etc. are also available. The nominal diameter of the valve is determined by the upper valve seat of the DK internal assembly.


The double-chamber valve type DDK includes two actuators. The standard version of both pneumatic actuators is designed as spring-closing / air-opening (NC). The upper actuator enables single seat lifting for both valve seats (seats A+B) as well as a full valve stroke (3 valve strokes in total). The lower actuator allows doing a full stroke and a reduced stroke for venting the valve seat.


Due to its solid construction, the GEA clamp enables a pressure stable and safe connection of the main components. The special design with three segments allows a service-friendly handling of the component, even under tight space conditions.

Side valves 

The sterile chamber includes a steam inlet and a drain valve by default. Both valves can be either equipped with normally closed (NC) or normally open actuators (NO), depending on customer specifications. Furthermore, the drain valve is available with an integrated temperature probe which enables temperature measuring in the sterile chamber. The double-chamber valve DDK includes two sterile chambers and therefore also two steam inlet and three drain valves.

Feedback units 

Aseptic double-chamber valves type DDK can be either equipped with open feedback units or T.VIS® feedback systems by default. Feedback units from third party suppliers can be mounted via specially designed adaptors.


Technical Data

Higher closing pressures, other materials, higher surface qualities and higher operating temperatures are available upon request.

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