Fristam Centrifugal pump/ Shear pump FPM

Specifically suited for transferring toxic, dangerous or WHC goods. These magnetically coupled pumps are designed for applications with special safety requirements. The open impeller is connected to the driving unit via a magnetic coupling that is contact-free. The product space is hermetically sealed from the environment by a separating can.



Solid stainless steel structure in monobloc design with an open impeller connected to the drive unit via a magnetic coupling.


The pump power is transmitted from the drive shaft contact-free via the magnetic coupling. This ensures that the pump speed always corresponds to the drive speed.  Thanks to the special bearings of the magnetic coupling’s internal rotor, only the drive speed is transmitted to the drive shaft, avoiding any undesirable forces.

The Fristam FSM is available as a shear pump featuring a combination of rotor and stator that produces a homogenised multi-phase products of supreme quality.


Benefits At A Glance

  • No mechanical seal; no need for a locking or supply system
  • Hermetic sealing between product and atmosphere
  • For transferring toxic, dangerous and WHC goods
  • Smooth transfer of liquids with sold content of up to 5 wt%

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