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APV / SPX Aseptic and Single Seat Delta MS4/MSP4 Valve

DELTA MS4 single seat valves are designed for aseptic processing systems, for example cold aseptic filling systems in the food & beverage industries, product handling downstream to UHT plants in the dairy industry or for pharmaceutical applications. DELTA MSP4 single seat valves are designed especially for aseptic applications where elastomers are not accepted in the product wetted areas. The DELTA MS4 as well as the DELTA MSP4 valves are available in shut-off and change over design.

Previously this was the Delta M4, MP4 and MES4

Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for all kind of media used in food and pharmaceutical industries
  •  Reliable design
  •  Suitable for pressures up to max. 10 bar
  •  High temperature capability
  •  Long diaphragm lifetime
  •  A variety of valve body configurations enable compact and economic system
    integration with “minimum dead legs”
  •  Diaphragm defects detectable immediately
  •  Lower spare part costs compared to bellows
  •  Meeting strictest hygienic demands
  •  3A and EHEDG approved
  •  Diaphragm and diaphragm shaft (DELTA MSP4) with USP Class VI approval
  •  Upgrading DELTA M3/M4 to DELTA MS4 and DELTA MP4 to DELTA MSP4possible
  •  Optionally available with APV Control Units for Direct Connect, AS-interface,
    Profibus and DeviceNet.

New Fan Support System

The DELTA MS4/MSP4 aseptic valve series features a new flexible PTFE diaphragm with fan support mechanism for greater durability. Durability and flexibility are important features as valves can be one of the weak links in the aseptic production chain. In conventional aseptic valves, the movement of the flexible element under pressure can result in relatively quick wear and tear. This increases the risk of leakages that can spoil an entire production run.

Becoming clean by cleaning in place (CIP) and sterilizing in place (SIP) with DELTA MS4/MSP4

In contrast to standard elastomers, the PTFE diaphragm enables the use of a wide range of cleaning agents and products at higher temperatures than other diaphragm materials allow. This enables faster CIP by ensuring reliable cleaning and sterilisation of the diaphragm and other product wetted surfaces.

The bolted housing closure ensures tight sealing and requires no retightening, even after many SIP cycles. The open geometry of the globular valve body design eliminates dead ends and air pockets, making CIP and SIP more effective and reliable.



DELTA MS4/MSP4 valves are operated by a pneumatic actuator or manually as an option. The actuator is made of stainless steel AISI 304 (1.4301). The actuator is maintenance free and supplied with 5 year guarantee. The design of the actuator allows NC and NO operation without the need of any modification. Through different assembly of the actuator on the valve, the following designs are possible:

  • NC: actuator normally closed; air-to-rise, spring-to-lower
  • NO: actuator normally open; air-to-lower, spring-to-rise

Delta CU Control Unit

The DELTA MS4 and MSP4 is available with proximity switch holder (Standard) or a control unit (Optional). The control unit operates as interface between process control and process valve and controls the electric signals and pneumatics. The following designs are available:

  •  Direct Connect
  •  AS-interface
  •  Profibus
  •  Device Net

APV DELTA CU control units are very robust, easy to maintain and designed to operate in tough environments. Signal data are easily visible on an exterior LED (electronic lights).

The APV Delta Valve Range

Recognising that valves are essential parts of every processing plant, the APV DELTA valve range has been developed and tailored to the continually increasing requirements for:

  •  Problem free product flow
  •  Safe separation of fluids
  •  Perfect cleaning

For every area and application, there is a corresponding APV valve. The APV DELTA valve range is extensive and variable. It stretches from butterfly valves to double seat valves. Process valves like safety valves, vacuum valves, sampling valves, pressure relief valves and control valves are in our portfolio.

For further details please refer to the Delta MS4/MSP4 Manual or alternatively contact our sales team.