Alfred & Co excelled at this year’s Ice Cream Expo

Alfred & Co excelled at this year’s Ice Cream Expo

Located on stand 10, Alfred & Co were exhibiting a number of new and refurbished ice cream equipment. Their stand saw a number of new and familiar faces stopping by for a chat.

Their innovative Mini-Mix plant drew the most interest from passers-by, with a lot of enquiries from potential customers wanting to make that next step up in ice cream production.

Kevin Neal, Operations Manager, explains “The people who attend the show vary from those just starting out in the ice cream industry, to those who’ve been in it for years and are looking to pass their business on to the next generation.

However, we found that a lot of our enquires were from those ice cream makers who are looking to up their production scale and that’s why our Mini-Mix was so popular, as it’s a fantastic stepping stone before the large scale production.”

Alfred & Co are sure to be back again next year for another chance to network and connect with like-minded people.

Steve Henshall, Capital Equipment Sales Manager – Alfred & Co, added “It’s brilliant catching up with people you haven’t seen in a while and seeing how far they’ve come.

Our aim is to give attendees enough information about the types of equipment available for the quantity and type of ice cream they’re looking to produce. Which is why we love the Ice Cream Expo, three days of talking (and eating) ice cream.”

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