Process Valve Spare Parts

We’re authorised spare parts stockist for APV valves and Tetra Pak valves.

Alfa Laval Valve MatrixValve

We are also approved suppliers of spare parts for other brands of valves used in the dairy, soft drinks and liquid food processing industries including GEA Tuchenhagen, Alfa Laval, Realm, Sudmo, Guth, Eurobinox, Tassalini, Nocado, Keofitt, and Definox.

Our range of Process Valve spares includes:

Valve Seals / Actuators / Control Heads / Switches / Spindles / Handles / Shafts / Bodies

APV / SPX Alfa Laval GEA Tuchenhagen Inoxpa / Realm Definox Bardiani Others
Zephyr Series 2 SBV Ball Valve Varivent type D Mix-proof MK2 DPX ZVS Sudmo
Zephyr Series 3  5308-5309 Ball Valve WY DSV DPAX VVS Tetra Pak
Zephyr Series 4 LKB Range Butterfly Valves WU C-Top DCX3 VALVOLE Keystone
Delta MS4/MSP4  LKC-2/LKC-H Control Valve DA DCX4 BBZO Nocado
Delta SV1 & SVS1F LKUV-2 Control Valve Ecovent DCX BBZOG Tassalini
Delta SD4

SB Control Valve

 Stericom  DE  BBZS1 M&S
 SW Unique Mixproof Double Seat Valve DS  VVF  Guth
Delta SWCIP4 Unique Mixproof LP Double Seat Valve   VDCI MC    
Delta AP1 Unique Mixproof LP-F Double Seat Valve     VDCI FDC
Unique Mixproof TO Double Seat Valve
CPM Regulating Valve
SB Valve, Pressure Exhaust Regulating Valve
SB Valve, Tank Pressure Regulating Valve
Unique RV-P Regulating Valve
Unique RV-ST Regulating Valve
Safety Valve
SB Valve, Anti-Vacuum Safety Valve
 SB Valve, Pressure Relief Safety Valve
LKAB Single Seat Valve
SB Valve, Mini Flow Single Seat Valve
Unique SSV Single Seat Valve
Unique SSV, Long Stroke Single Seat Valve
Unique SSV, Manual Operation Single Seat Valve
Unique SSV, Reverse Acting Single Seat Valve
Unique SSV, Tangential Single Seat Valve
Unique SSV, Tank Outlet Single Seat Valve
 Unique SSV, Two Step Single Seat Valve
Unique SSV, Y Body Single Seat Valve
SMP-BC Valve
 Unique DV-ST, Ultrapure
Koltek Valve